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BUDENHEIM is a global specialty chemicals company offering ingredients such as premium phosphates and full solutions for the food industry. Their sustainable solutions can be used in a broad range of applications. They are committed to delivering superior quality products with an emphasis on high purity, safety, and reliability.


PETER WHITING LTD are proud to present a range of nutritional, savoury & baking products from Budenheim that can be used in a number of applications including:

  • Meat & Poultry

    • ABASTOL® CARNAL® - all around solutions for your product in a raw meat, cooked meat, dry cured/fermented or formed meat applications.

  • Cheese 

    • SELF® BUDAL® - solutions for processed cheese product in a block, portioned, spreadable and fluid applications.

  • Plant Based

    • ABASTOL® VEG - solutions for your plant-based burger patty, meat balls or vegan sausages.

  •  Bread and Bread Rolls

    • LEVALL® DOUGH BUDAL® MW - solutions for your baked products such as Wheat & Whole Grain Bread, Baguette, Rolls and Buns, or Croissants, Pizza and Tortillas heated in a microwave.

  • Sweet Baked Goods

    • LEVALL® BUDAL® - All-around leavening solutions for your sweet baked products such as Cakes & Muffins, Waffles & Pancakes, Donuts & Puff Pastry, Cookies & Crackers or Pizza & Tortillas.

  • Baby Foods

    • ​PureMin® High-Purity Minerals range designed to ensure that your products meet regulatory requirements and provide the highest quality nutrition for infants.

  • Food Supplements

    • The CAFOS® N range is ideal for direct compression, providing proper ingredient flow and uniform blending​.

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